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Valentines Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

8 Travel Blogger Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Hey there, jetsetters! Do you have your Valentine’s Day holiday post up yet?

Valentine’s can be the perfect opportunity for reaching out to a new audience and turning them into loyal readers, but you need to get going on your post early.

Now’s the time to get those holiday posts up, let’s look at 8 post ideas designed just for travel bloggers to get those Valentine’s Day vibes going!

Crunched for Time to Write Your Holiday Post?

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8 Travel Blogger Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day

#1: Valentine’s On-the-Go Self Care Guide for Travel Bloggers

Self-care is super trendy right now (it’s about damn time!) and that trend extends to all niches.

Traveling is fun, but it is also exhausting.

For your weary travelers, compose a list of self care ideas that can be implemented on the go! Some ideas are:

  • Self care spa day kit that is airline-approved (bubble bath, loofah, essential oils, etc that meet fluid ounce restrictions)
  • On the plane self care ideas: lavender scented eye mask, list of the best neck pillows, the softest earplugs, etc.
  • Best ways to self care for Valentine’s Day in (Destination)
  • Treat yo self: best hotels for self care around the world

#2: On-the-Go Airport Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Airports are not generally thought of as romantic spots, unless you’re a 90’s rom-com in which case that’s where ALL the romance happens:

Doing what you do, I’m willing to bet you could suggest a list of the most romantic airports or the romantic spots in a particular airport.

For example, I’m lucky to live in Portland, OR where our airport is more like a trip down iconic Hawthorne Boulevard than a travel hub:

hawthorne boulevard portland oregon
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Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, OR
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Hollywood Theater in PDX Airport

Because I am familiar with it, I know that I could easily craft a list of hot spots to spend Valentine’s Day in the PDX airport, and I’m sure you will have no trouble coming up with a spellbinding list of your own!

#3: Travel Blogger Tips: How to Celebrate Valentine’s in (Destination)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world, which gives you the opportunity to detail the love-day traditions of whichever destination you happen to be in.

Image of croatia coastline
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Give your readers a view of what it is like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in any particular destination by explaining local traditions, romantic restaurants, popular marriage proposal sites and the cultural differences surrounding love.

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#4: Your Personal Valentine’s Day Experiences as a Travel Blogger

Brace yourself, this travel blogger post idea for Valentine’s Day is gonna get personal!

Nothing endears your readers to you like sharing your own experiences in a way that relates to them. It bridges the gap between you and allows them to get to know you better.

If you have been blogging for a number of years, you have the option of detailing how you have spent your Valentine’s Days since becoming a travel blogger.

If not, either pick one notably memorable Valentine’s Day or chronicle what your holidays were like before and after travel blogging.

Your readers will love the peak into your life and may just get some Valentine’s Day ideas for themselves!

#5: Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

Gathering a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for jetsetters is a shoe-in for any travel blog. Diversify the list by presenting both romantic and practical gifts, so the list can be used for significant others and friends alike.

In addition to helping your readers find the perfect gift for their loved ones, you could also tailor the list to items that you know your readers would enjoy owning as well.

That way they can pick a little something up for themselves while shopping for others.

Check out Amazon’s extensive offering of gifts for travelers which includes everything from travel journals to a TSA approved carry-on cocktail kit (I kinda want one even though I’m not going anywhere)!

#6: Valentine’s Day Special: What Traveling Has Taught Me About Love

Every time I travel with my family, I see a new side of them I have not seen before because we are not in our everyday environment, and it deepens my love for them

When I travel by myself, I find a greater appreciation for my self-reliance, for the quiet that comes with solitude, and the reflections gained from being alone with my thoughts. #selflove

As a travel blogger, you’re probably filled to the brim with reflections on how traveling with someone or alone changes the way you love them and understand yourself.

Share those thoughts with your readers, they will be fascinated! Not many of us get to explore the world for a living, give us a peek into how traveling effects love this Valentine’s Day.

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#7: Traveling Love List

Since Valentine’s gives you the opportunity to talk about a super broad topic (love) this could literally be a list of anything you or your reader’s love.

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Possibilities include:

  • Travel Accessories I’m in Love With
  • Little-Known Romantic Travel Destinations for Valentine’s Day
  • My Reader’s Most Loved Posts (round up of your top posts)

Let your imagination run wild with this post idea, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, something quirky may resonate with your audience in a powerful way.

#8: Most Romantic Getaways

This post is a classic for a reason: everyone loves a steamy romantic getaway.

The idea of romance is different for every person, which offers you unending opportunities for this post.

Maybe a cabin in the snowy woods is your audience’s idea of a good time, or perhaps sipping cocktails on the beach is their jam. The actual place doesn’t matter as every destination can be romanticized.

Help your readers plan a Valentine’s Day getaway that is unique to them!


If you haven’t published that holiday post yet, now is the time! If you’re a bit late to the game, publish anyway so you have a well-established post reader-ready for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

Using these 8 travel blogger post ideas for Valentine’s Day you will be on your way to a rockin’ holiday blog post!

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