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How to Organize Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps (So You Can Stay Sane & Make Money!)

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Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Kelly Thoreson

Wondering how to organize your blog?

Is your blogging stuff literally everywhere?


  • Scraps of paper with blog post ideas coming out your ears
  • Post-it notes of various logins getting lost
  • Half-written posts cause you forgot where you left off (what a waste of time!)

That used to be me too.

When I first started blogging, I had no clue how to organize my blog.

Luckily, I whipped my disorganized booty into shape so I could stay sane and start making money. And now … I want to share what I’ve learned with you! Let’s do this.

How to Organize Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Blog:

  1. Create a Designated Space

    How can you organize your affiliate links if you have nowhere to keep them? You can’t. That’s why organizing your blog starts with designating a space to keep all of your blogging business’s information.

  2. Gather Your Blog’s Info

    Next, round up the information that needs to go in your designated space. I know your blogging stuff is scattered, but I have a method (below) that will help you gather your blogging information without going nuts.

  3. Organize in Baby Steps

    Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to organize your ENTIRE blog all at once, do it in baby steps. Future you will thank you! More tips on baby-stepping it below.

Step 1: Create a Space for Your Blogging Things

The first step to organize your blog is creating a space to put things. You need to have ONE spot to house all of your blogging business’s information, like:

  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Launch debriefs
  • Opt-In URLs
  • Paid product URLs
  • Passwords
  • Social media handles/URLs
  • Vital stats (like monthly pageviews)

Now, I know that seems like a lot, but don’t freak out – you can do this.

I have helped hundreds of bloggers get and keep their blogging biz organized and I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme:

Bloggers are a hot mess cause they have their blogging shit in 1 million different places.

Being on the hot mess express will hold you back from making money with your blog but you can get off that ride!

Today is the day you decide on ONE spot to keep all of your blogging info for easy access.

Don’t know where to start?

Open up a Google Doc and title it “My Blogging Biz Essentials”.

Then, every time you get a piece of information you need to hold onto for your blogging biz, drop it in there.

Blog Organization Done-For-You

Like I said, I used to be on the hot mess express too, and it was costing me a ton of time and money.

So, like any ex-purchasing agent turned blogger, I created a giant spreadsheet to organize:




Of my blogging life.

Pretty soon, my students were asking me where I got it and how they could get their own.

And that’s how the Insanely Efficient Blog Organizer was born!

  • Save
I organize my blog with the Insanely Efficient Blog Organizer

Now, if the words “giant spreadsheet” make you throw up in your mouth a little, I got you.

You do not have to know Excel (or even have Excel!) to use the Insanely Efficient Blog Organizer, cause I’ve already done all that nitty-gritty work for you!

All you have to do is plop your stuff in there.

Hundreds of students are using my organizer every day to stay sane and make money with their blog. Learn more here:


Blog Organization Platform Options

Putting all of your blogging stuff in one Google Doc is a great start but it has its limitations.

Eventually, you will need a more robust organization option.

Lucky for us all … there are options to be had! Here’s a short list:

After you decide where you’re keeping your information … it’s time to start organizing!

Step 2: Gather Your Blog Information

Now that you have a place to put all your blogging info, you need to find all of it.

Don’t worry about finding all of it at once, I know it’s in weird nooks and crannies of your house and compiling it all at once is an impossible task.

Instead, start with what’s in front of you.

Do you have a pile of Post-it notes on your desk? Grab those notes and start inputting the information on them into your organizer.

For example: if one of the notes has your Amazon affiliates login info on it, go to the Password Keeper in your organizer and put that baby in there!

How to Organize Your Blog Passwords
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Then, rejoice as you get rid of the Post-it!

Repeat until your desk is clear.

Step 3: Organize Your Blog in Baby Steps

Since organizing your ENTIRE business is an overwhelming thought that will inevitably land you face-first into a pile of Ben & Jerry’s while binge-watching The Office …

…we’re gonna conquer this in baby steps.

what about bob baby
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Organizing your blog is much easier with baby steps!

When you see a self-promo day in your favorite blogging Facebook group and go to hunt down a blog post URL for the 50,000th time – take the 60 extra seconds to input that URL into your Blog Post Organizer.

How to Organize Your Blog Post URLs
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The next time you want to link to that blog post, you’ll be thanking yourself because you’ll have the title, URL, and more right at your finger tips instead of lost in WordPress somewhere.


Organizing your blogging biz, even when you’re drowning in Post-it notes and overwhelmed AF, can be a short and simple exercise.

By using the tools and methods above, and consistently dedicating just 60 seconds a day to getting organized, you will be on your way to a streamlined & profitable blogging life … woohoo!

Remember: you don’t have to spend a dime to start organizing your blogging biz, all you need is a free Google Doc.

But, if you want a done-for-you option, join hundreds of other bloggers using the Insanely Efficient Blog Organizer to save time & make money!

Got questions? Drop them in the comments section! I’m here to help you build your blogging empire!

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