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5 Weird Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing (2022)

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Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by Kelly Thoreson

As bloggers, we are constantly striving to improve our blog writing in order to connect with our audiences.

Below, I’ll teach you 5 weird ways to improve your blog writing through:

  • Unusual editing
  • Weeding out the F’in fluff
  • Learning from those who know
  • Listening to your mother
  • Practicing S.T.E.D writing

Ready? Let’s go!

#1: Listen to Your Post

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Ever publish a blog post, reread it a few days later, and find it’s riddled with grammatical errors?

Did you think to yourself, “How the hell did this happen, I reread it 30 times?!”

You’re not alone.

A study on learning styles published by the Current Health Sciences Journal concluded 30% of the population are auditory learners.

Considering the current world population of 7.8 billion, that means:

2,340,000,000 people learn better by hearing.


Listening to your post can reveal grammar, spelling, and organizational flaws that would otherwise be overlooked.

I would argue that even if you do not fall under the auditory learner category per say, you are too close to your subject material to properly edit it visually.

Since you, the author, already know what it’s supposed to say – your brain fills in the gaps leading to missed errors and flaws.

Easy ways to listen to your post for errors:

  • TTSReader.com
  • Read your post aloud
  • Record yourself reading your post and play it back

What you’re listening for:

  • Grammatical and spelling errors (they will sound funny when read aloud)
  • Organizational flaws
  • Illogical sentences
  • Off-topic concepts

By listening to our posts, we can hone our blog post writing skills in ways visual editing glosses over.

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#2: Assassinate the Fluff

Ah, fluff.

Aka filler words …

Word clutter …

Alphabet barf …

After you’ve written out your post, go through and kill off the fluff:

  • Stab useless adverbs
  • Poison unneeded conjunctions
  • Run all extra modifiers over with a semi-truck

Get all editing ninja up in hurr.

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Print out your blog post, take your blood-red pen, and go to town.

In blogging, we are taught to write as we talk.

It’s true, blog writing should be relaxed, conversational in nature, and full of uniquely-you style. But sometimes, this advice is taken too literally and we end up with sentences such as:

One time I was walking to the bus stop and like, my leg was kind of hurting and so I stopped and bent down to rub it and then I noticed that my shin bone was totally popping out!

Here’s how that sentence could have gone:

Once while walking to the bus stop, my leg was hurting, I bent down and noticed my shin bone was popping out!

Same effect, 17 fewer words.

The result? Concise, clear sentences.

#3: Stalk People

Wanna improve your blog writing? Stalk people. In particular: other people in your niche.

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Reading will make you a better writer.

Reading blog posts by pros will make you a better blogger.

After identifying leaders in your niche, read their posts on a regular basis.

Review their content for:

  • Captivating headlines
  • Introductions that hook
  • Structure
  • Media incorporation
  • Persuasive language
  • Calls to action
  • Conclusions that make skimmers go back and read the rest of the article
  • Content upgrades / email list opt-in freebies

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel from the get-go, study bloggers who have already figured out how to write a bangin’ blog post.

Later, once you’re a bonafide pro, you can flip blog writing on its ear all you want.

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#4: Remember What Mom Said

Did your mamma always tell you to be yourself? I’m here to remind you.

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You’ll never find your writing voice if you are stifling your opinions and censoring your natural self.

Readers are consuming an obscene amount of content




And you’re going to have exactly zero chance of standing out if you are worried about:

  • offending people
  • saying the wrong thing
  • your ex-partner reading your post
  • or whatever

If you offend people, guess what? Those aren’t your people.

Say the wrong thing? Something you actually regret? There’s the delete key right over there.

Your ex reads your post and is a butthead about it? Good, I hope they choke on how well you’re doing without them. Also – screw that guy.

Or … whatever? (insert your worry here) happens? It’s going to be okay, I promise.

What’s not okay is shackling your authentic self in favor of a milk-toast post anyone could have written. Nope.

Fun fact: milk-toast is actually spelled Milquetoast after a timid 1930’s comic book character.

Also, due to the sheer amount of crap on the internet, audiences can smell bullshit 5 miles away.

And once they get a whiff, they’ll leave (and never come back).

Be yourself in your blog post writing, this is the path to:

  • Bitch’n 100% badass and unique blog posts
  • Finding your ride-or-die tribe
  • Feeling fulfilled by blog writing


#5: Practice S.T.E.D. Writing

What is S.T.E.D., you ask?





You’re gonna hear me say this all the time.

There’s no getting around it: if you’re looking to improve your blog writing, you need to be practicing every day.

Your daily practice does not always have to be blog posts to improve your blog writing skills.

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The mere practice of composing something on a daily basis will incrementally improve your writing.

For example, I adhere to a practice called Morning Pages every day, which is kind of like journaling.

Even on the days I’m not writing a post, you can bet your ass I’m in my office chair at 5 am writing morning pages.

I haven’t always been this way. It used to take me a month (ugh) to crank out a single post. Yikes.

Now I produce (at minimum) eight times what I used to.

I intentionally molded myself into a writing machine because I understood that in order to survive as a blogger, I needed to crank out badass content on a regular basis.

The more you practice writing, the better you will be at it. Write a shit ton every day and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And you know what?

Writing every day is pretty damn cathartic too … free therapy!



Now that you know these 5 weird ways to improve your blog writing, you can implement them and enjoy the benefits like:

  • Polished posts that aren’t riddled with errors
  • A lower bounce rate (cause people actually read your posts)
  • Mad blog writing street cred (cause you write like a pro)
  • Die-hard fans that love you
  • Well-written content that doesn’t take you a month to publish

Want more blog post writing tips? Join me over at my Facebook group, Badass Bloggers! See you in there!

‘Til next time …

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