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how to install wordpress on hostgator

Tutorial: How to Install WordPress on HostGator

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

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how to install wordpress on hostgator WordPress on HostGator
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Need to install WordPress on HostGator? You’re not alone.

37.5 million websites are powered by WordPress according to this survey. That is 34% of the WHOLE WORLD WIDE WEB.

Either nearly forty million websites got it wrong or WordPress is an amazing free tool on which to build your blog (hint: it’s the latter).

I use WordPress and I freaking love it.

I want you to have it and love it too!

That’s why I created this tutorial.

I’m gonna walk you, step by step with pictures and everything, through how to install WordPress on your HostGator website!

Watch the Video!

No time to read? No problem! Watch this tutorial on YouTube!

1. Login to cPanel

The first step is to log in to your HostGator cPanel. If you don’t know where to find this, go back to the email you received from HostGator when you signed up for hosting.

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You can find your cPanel link in the Your Account Info HostGator sent you when you signed up for hosting

Now – bookmark your cPanel link! Right meow! Then, log in.

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 1: Log in to cPanel

2. Under Software, Click Quick Install

Scroll down to the software section or press ctrl+F and type in, “software” if you wanna skip the visually overstimulating madness that is cPanel!

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 2: Click QuickInstall

3. Click WordPress

In the middle of the page, you’ll see the WordPress logo. Click it!

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 3: Click WordPress

4. Select Your Domain

Use the arrow down to open the drop-down box and select the domain you want to install WordPress on.

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 4: Select your domain from the drop-down box

5. Enter Your Info

Go ahead and enter your information. Don’t stress over the blog title if you don’t already have one – you can change this later!

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 5: Fill in your pertinent info

6. Check the Box and Install

After adding your pertinent information and not worrying about our blog name cause we can always change that later, we’re gonna check the Terms of Service Agreement box and click Install!

WordPress on HostGator
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Step 6: Check the Terms of Service Box and Click Install

7. Copy & Paste

Now, copy and paste your username and computer-generated password into a word document.

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Step 7: Copy and paste your username and password into a document

8. Click Login

You did it! You now know how to install WordPress! Once the installation has finished, click Login.

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Step 8: Click Login

9. Log in to WordPress!

Using the username and password we copied and pasted into a document earlier, login to WordPress!

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Step 9: Log in and DOOOONE!


It is easy to install WordPress on HostGator and omigurrrd you’re so close to blogging sweetness I can TASTE IT! Great job, baby blogger! You did it!

WordPress is an amazingly powerful, FREE tool and it’s now yours to wield!

Do you have questions about this tutorial? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll help you!

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