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Tutorial: How to Host Your Domain With HostGator

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

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Have you secured a domain and need to know how to host that domain with HostGator? This is the tutorial for you! Below we’ll look at how to host your domain using HostGator, step by step!

This post assumes you have already purchased your domain. Who you purchased it from doesn’t matter for the sake of this tutorial. 🙂

1. Go to HostGator

2. Click Get Started

3. Choose Your Plan

Don’t get too caught up in which plan to choose, you can change this later if you’d like.

If you’re just starting a blog or website for a small business – the Hatchling Plan will do.

4. Fill in Your Domain URL

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5. Add Your Billing Info

6. Choose Your Add-Ons

You don’t need to know right this minute which add-ons you need, you can add them later.

7. Review Your Order

8. Click Check Out Now

Conclusion & Next Step

That wasn’t so bad! You’re one step closer to being a blogging mogul!

Now that you have secured HostGator as your host, you’ll need to link it to your website by transferring your nameservers to your host.

If you have no clue what I mean by that, don’t worry, I didn’t either when I first started blogging!

I have created a tutorial just for this purpose, click below to go to that next step:

NEXT STEP: How to Change Nameservers for HostGator

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