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how to register a domain w hostgator

HostGator Domain Search: Pain-Free Domain Name Registration

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

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Do you want to start a blog but you don’t know where to start or how to get the domain (website address) you want? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you using HostGator domain search.

I use HostGator for all my domains and hosting and I love it!

Below you’ll find a simple, easy to use HostGator tutorial that walks you through registering your domain name, which is the first step to building your blogging empire!

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3 Ways to Register a Domain with HostGator

There are 3 ways to register a domain with HostGator:

  1. Register your domain when you sign up for HostGator hosting
  2. Register your domain without signing up for hosting
  3. Transfer a domain that you bought somewhere else over to HostGator

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover the second of those three options: registering your domain without signing up for hosting.

Like I said above, if you want to get a free domain name, you should use the second option wherein you register your domain name and sign up for hosting at the same time.

You can use this year’s web hosting comparison to help you pick the right host for you, then just follow the links in the guide to register and get on your way to blogging.

How Much Does HostGator Cost?

HostGator is extremely affordable, depending on the domain name and extension (.com, .org, .net, etc) you’re probably going to be spending under $15 before add ons (covered below) for the whole year.

Watch This HostGator Domain Search Tutorial on YouTube!

How to Register Your Domain with HostGator Domain Search

1. Go to HostGator

The first step is to go to HostGator.

2. Click on Domains

Once you’ve navigated over to HostGator, go to the domain search by clicking on Domains on the upper right of your screen.

3. Pick your Domain Name

Already know what you want to name your blog or website? Great! Type that into the search box within the domain search page.

Struggling to come up with a name? Read my post:
How to Use Domain Name Generators for Endless Blog Name Ideas

Related reading:

4a. Is Your Domain Available?

If your domain name is available, you’ll get a congratulations screen.

hostgator domain search screenshot step 4
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4b. What if My Domain Isn’t Available?

If it’s not available, you’ll get a sorry screen with related suggestions for your URL.

Stay flexible and don’t stress too much! Sometimes the best blog names come to you because the one you originally wanted was taken.

Again, if you’re having trouble finding a name, read How to Use Domain Name Generators for Endless Blog Name Ideas.

5a. Continue to Checkout

Once you’ve picked out a URL that is available, choose whichever subscription option (1 year, 2 years, or 3 years) makes sense for you and then click Continue to Checkout.

hostgator domain search screenshot step 6
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5b. Do I Need Privacy Protection?

For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to keep it simple: YES, YOU WANT TO GET THE PRIVACY PROTECTION.

hostgator domain search screenshot step 7
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Sorry for the all caps, this is something I feel very passionate about and have personal experience with:

Just two days after I didn’t sign up for privacy protection I began receiving, on average, 26 telemarketing calls per day.


Starting just before 7 every morning and lasting well into dinner time, my phone was blowing the eff up.

Not to mention the spam emails. Oi vey.

By signing up for the privacy protection option, HostGator is listed as the contact instead of you for your website in WHOIS, which is kind of like a website phone book (remember those?).

Anyone legitimate who is trying to contact you will take the time to go to your website and click on your contact page, not use WHOIS.

Sign up for privacy protection, it’s a small price to pay ($15/year) for the benefits of your personal info not out there for everyone to see meaning: less spam and lower risk of scamming.

You can learn more about what Privacy Protection entails here.

Okay, I’m officially getting off my soapbox now 🙂

6. Log in or Create an Account

If you’ve already used HostGator before, then you can just login to your existing account.

If not, creating an account is ridiculously easy, just enter your email, create a password and a PIN (preferably ones you can remember 🙂 ).

hostgator domain search screenshot step 8
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7. Fill Out Your Payment Info

We’re almost done, just a couple more steps!

Next, fill in your billing information.

hostgator domain search screenshot step 9
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8a. Review & Order

Review your order summary and click Place Your Order!

 step 10
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8b. Do I Need a Custom Nameserver?

Note on the Set Custom Nameservers option: for this tutorial, skip it, it won’t hurt anything! If you need a custom nameserver, you’ll know.

If you’re super curious about custom nameservers read this.

step 11
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Congrats! You Did It!

Awesome work! You’re on your way to becoming a total blogging badass!

step 12
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Registering your domain using this HostGator tutorial is the first step to becoming a blogger and it’s pretty easy!

Do you have questions about this tutorial? Leave them in the comments below!

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NEXT STEP: How to Host Your Domain With HostGator

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