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The Easy Way to Make GIFs for Your Blog (so You Can Stand Out Online!)

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Creating a GIF on Canva for your blog is SUPER EASY! In this quick video I’ll show you how to:

  • Create a fun GIF on Canva
  • Speed up or slow down your GIF on Canva
  • Remove the background from an image on Canva

It is more important than ever to include a variety of media in your blog posts and GIFs should not be overlooked.

But that doesn’t mean you have to use the same ho-hum GIFs your readers have seen a million times already.

With this short tutorial, you’ll be able to create your own, custom GIFs for your posts and marketing.

Let’s get GIFing!

How to Create a GIF on Canva Video

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How to Create a GIF on Canva Video Transcript

Hello friends!

I had a feeling I would be back on here today.

I just love you guys so much.

So, Nerissa showed me how to remove the background from a photo in Canva.

And when I thanked her, she said, “I would like to know how to make that image move around on Canva.” (create a GIF on Canva)

It’s super easy to make your own GIF on Canva.

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I just wanted to pop on here really quick and show you guys.

Okay, I’m over here at Canva.

And, so if you need a really particular size, you can just do a video and then resize it.

So if you needed a really wonky size, you could do that.

But, they actually have something called an animated social media that is pretty much the right size for like a Facebook post or an Instagram post.

So it’s super, super easy.

So I put in this picture, Nerissa after I show you how to do this, I’m going to show them how you taught me to remove the background on Canva.

So I put in this picture, right.

And then I had some texts about Amazon or something like that.



And then I had some more text down here.

More taxed if you guys haven’t seen it yet.


Are going to have the most fun graphics.

Yes we are.

I know.

I love it.

I’m like really pumped about being able to remove the background.

I’m really stoked.

Obviously you can tell, I took that picture like an hour ago.

And then I did, I went over to elements and I grabbed an arrow.

You don’t know, you can just go over to elements and like type in arrow and you’ll get an insane amount of choices that you’ll never ever be able to exhaust.

Then I duplicated that arrow and then I flipped it.



And then, um, so to make it move around, you just duplicate this, but first it set to five seconds, which is way too long for a GIF on Canva.

It would be like the slowest Jeff ever created.

Like no one will know what’s a Jeff.

So you can go down to like 0.

1 seconds.

Um, but you can test it out first.

Let’s try 0.

1 second and then just duplicate it.

And I seriously just like Willy nilly, this, uh, well maybe this way.

Right? And then I was like moving the text around and then I had, um, the arrows going like up and down and then do another one.

So you’re essentially like creating like a little slideshow movie, but it ends up being like a Jeff.


This is not going to make sense this animation, but still, uh, having fun.

Move this back down, weave that back down, move that back up.


And then you can see what it looks like by playing it.

Right? It’s 0.

4 seconds right now.

Oh, Whoa.

That’s a really fast one.

So maybe each one should be like, I don’t know.

One second.

Do you have to do it for each one? Yeah, you do.

So it’s probably best to figure out the timing before you make all the pages, but that’s okay.

It’s not that big of a deal.

So one second, one second.


Now let’s see, see, that’s a little bit too long, right? But you can see how easy it is.

So again, start all over.

So maybe the sweet spot is like 0.

5 seconds.

I don’t know.

We should find the sweet spot.

So now everybody knows the sweet spot and we don’t have to mess with this.

We don’t have to mess with the NAR 0.


What’s much easier.

Point five and 0.



 See how easy it is.

 Nerissa Nerissa do people call you risks? Cause I just keep wanting to call you risks.

 Like all the time.

 I’m like, I don’t know if people call her that.


 There we go.

 That’s better.

 So 0.

5 is kind of the sweet spot.


 And um, if you want to, you know, you can just repeat it by duplicating the page.

 Um, or if you, like, I could download this and stick it in mobile, Bobby, and then just duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, and then make one that’s like a minute long.

 Right? So it just keeps going and going, going, or you could just, you know, you could duplicate your page and then move it to the bottom or just random night randomize it.


 It’s not, especially something like this that you’re not trying to, like, it’s not like stop animation where you’re trying to make it look like it’s like logically moving around.


 See, it’s still looks fine.

 Um, yeah.

 That’s it.

 See how easy that is? Childhood nickname that only like my sisters and parents called me was Reese, but that’s about as close as it gets.

 I’ve never had nicknames before.

 My mother’s goal naming us was lack of nicknames out.


 So do I have permission to call you wrists or not? That’s what I need to know.

 I can get pretty Footloose and fancy free with the nicknames.

 So I’ve learned to ask for some people do not like my nicknames that I give them.

 They’re never mean they just like don’t want to be called that.


 So that’s how you make a GIF on Canva super easy.

 Oh good.


 I’m glad you like it.

 Um, and then I’ll show you, Nerissa taught me this trick, how to remove the background.

 So I get rid of that.

She says, I probably won’t know.

 You’re talking to me five.

 I’ll just use your God-given name.

 Um, okay.

 So I took this picture earlier today, right here in my outfits.

 I gotta center it because I’m a weirdo.

 Um, you just go over to effect.

 So you put the picture in here, you go over to effects and you click background remover, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

 Thank you, Marissa, for showing me that this exists, Nerissa made a really cool, um, sales graphic for, um, I think it was your course that you launched recently.

 And she was like pointing towards something.

 And um, there was no background.

 I was like, Ooh girl, how’d you do that? Easy peasy.

 Lemon squeezy.

 That’s the shortest training I’ve ever done.

 Oh no.


 Where am I? I have no idea where I am right now.

Yeah, I know.


 Nerissa says I’m impressed.

 It took that busy background out.


 I know.

 Like it doesn’t seem to matter.

 What’s in the background.

 It does a really good job removing it and even like the background’s kind of busy, but it, you know, it went around my fingers maybe.

 Cause I’m like Casper white.

 I don’t know.

 It is a little fluorescent, really easy to distinguish my untanned fingers.


 But um, yeah, I was surprised too at what a good job it does taking out the background.

 So yeah, there you go.

 There’s your little cam, the lesson of the day.

 Like I said before, I, I think I said this year, I can’t remember which group I said what in, but Canva pro is the one thing I’ve paid for since the very beginning.

 So it’s like 10 bucks a month.

 Which, you know, when I started, like, I was resistant to paying for anything for my blog.

Cause somebody told me that I shouldn’t have to.

 Um, so it’s the one thing I paid for from day one and is worth every penny.

 I’ve never regretted it.

 It’s like $10 a month.

 There’s so many cool features.

 I just, yeah, I don’t regret it whatsoever.


 You guys have fun making GIF on Canva.

 I want to see everybody’s GIFs.

 If you go and make one today, drop it in the group in the grid.

 So worth it, link in the description.

 Wherever the description is over there.

 Up there, down there.

 I don’t know.

 I just work here.

 I’ll see you guys soon.


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