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10 Easter Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers (for crazy holiday traffic)

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Hey trend-setters!

Easter may seem far away, but it is coming up quick and that means it’s time to get your Easter holiday blog posts up!

I’ve got you covered with these 10 Easter blog post ideas designed just for fashion bloggers!

Holiday posts provide a nice little bump in traffic and can bring readers to your site that normally wouldn’t visit, and since you’re 100% unique, inventive, and lovable – I bet they’re going to come back!

Let’s get started!

When Should You Publish Your Easter Holiday Post?

Do not wait until Easter to publish your Easter special, holiday posts should actually be published 2-4 weeks early at least (depending on the holiday).

Readers generally start searching for holiday posts 15-30 days in advance, more for major holidays like Christmas and a little less for smaller holidays like Easter.

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It is also much easier to compete for your audience’s attention if you arrive to the party early.

As we approach the holiday, big players like major retailers start shelling out the ad money, which means the Pinterest smart feed and Google search results get that much more crowded.

And if that weren’t enough, Pinterest itself officially recommends, “saving seasonal content about 30-45 days in advance. Activity will keep picking up as you get closer to the big day.”

I have seen this to be true in my own holiday posts. I get them out early and enjoy a nice bump in traffic that grows as the holiday comes closer.

Now … onto the 10 Easter blog post ideas for fashion bloggers!

10 Easter Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

#1: Your Easter Outfit/Plans

Give your readers a peek into your life by detailing not only what outfit you have planned for Easter, but how you will be celebrating the holiday.

aurora fox KSMWbkSeU unsplash
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Do you have an unusual Easter tradition? Maybe traditional with your own personal spin? Whatever your Easter plans are, share them in tie them into your planned Easter outfit.

#2: Your Easter Memories / Throw Back Outfit Pic

Holiday posts offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience by sharing your family traditions and holiday memories with them.

Maybe you had a family Easter go hilariously wrong, everyone can relate to that!

Maybe you’re like me got caught taking the good gifts out of your sister’s Easter basket and putting them in your own (yes, I actually did that).

Whatever memory you chose to go with, make sure you include a throwback photo of you around that time, your readers will love you for it!

the style of the ies
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#3: On Trend Church Appropriate Outfits

Just because your readers are going to church on Easter Sunday doesn’t mean they don’t want to look (appropriately) fine!

Delight your readers with a list of trendy outfits that they can wear to church without causing a scene … or getting condemned to hell…

Maybe this:

cassandra hamer zPF y vYtm unsplash
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Not this (even though I’m loving this look!):

valerie elash sRzdMyp unsplash
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#4: Easter Outfit Fails

Fails are ever-popular posts because every single audience out there can relate.

No one is perfect 100% of the time and we love to commiserate with our fellow human beings over that, “I can’t believe I thought that looked good” feeling.

With Easter being the land of floppy heats and pastels, rounding up a list of epic Easter outfit fails should be pretty easy (not to mention entertaining).

#5: Bitch’n Brunch Bags

Is there a coral clutch you’ve been waiting to unveil to your audience? Easter is the perfect opportunity!

Everyone is looking for an accessory to really make their Easter outfit pop, and you can show them the way with a curated list of bitch’n bags to show off at Easter brunch!

#6: Heels That Can Survive an Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

Many Easter celebrations incorporate some sort of outdoor function which can wreak havoc on heels, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where outside in April = wet soggy grass.

womans legs
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Anticipate your reader’s needs by offering a list of stylish heels that can also survive an outdoor Easter egg hunt!

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#7: Easter Runway High Fashion Roundup

Blog posts aren’t always about practicality, sometimes they just need to be writing and read for pure entertainment!

Capture your reader’s attention this Easter with a roundup post of trending high fashion looks from this spring’s runway.

#8: Comfortable Fashionista Easter Wear

Being a fashionista doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be comfortable, and sometimes (especially on holidays when we’re spending time with trying family members) we really need help pairing coziness with fashion.

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That’s where you come in! Help those of us that are a little less … fashion-inclined … by putting together looks that will leave us at ease and make us look ah-maze-ing.

#9: Cold Weather Easter Looks

April is drippy, breezy, and sometimes just fuckin’ freezing! Save your audience the trouble of finding Easter outfits that are both warm and beautiful.

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Buuuuut, since you’re not your everyday blogger, I challenge you to think outside the box a bit here.

Instead of the same ole, “6 Jackets for Easter”, get super niche specific with something like, “5 of My Most-Loved Easter Coatigans”.

You know your niche and readers like they’re you’re best friend, so default to a specific cold weather item you know they adore and put an Easter spin on it!

#10: Easter Dress Guide for the Whole Damn Fam

Did you know that 74.9% of women self-report that they are the main buyer of goods for their whole household? (Source: GFK MRI Survey of the American Consumer 2011) That includes outfits for their spouse and children, bloggers!

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What this means for you as a fashion blogger is an opportunity to knock it out of the park with your fans. Go one step further than planning their Easter outfit, since you know they’re going to be helping their family shop – help them get it done!

You could suggest whole family outfits that will complement each other in photos but not have the air of cheesy matching outfits … snappy Easter dress clothes kids will actually keep on … or a list of trendy Easter outfits for Him!


While it is considered best practice to get your holiday blog posts published 2 – 4 weeks early, there’s no harm in getting them up early or even late (that way they’ll be waiting for next year).

The most important thing here is that you get your holiday post up to add value to your reader’s lives and enjoy the sweet bump in traffic that comes along with it!

Want more bitch’n blog writing ideas – meet me at my free Facebook group, Badass Bloggers! See you there!

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