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easter blog post ideas for mom bloggers

8 Clickable Easter Blog Post Ideas for Mom Bloggers

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Last Updated on February 7, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Hi mammas!

While the rest of the world may not even be thinking about Easter yet, as bloggers we are always keeping an eye on upcoming holidays to write content around.

I know that coming up with post topics isn’t always easy so I curated this list of 8 Easter blog post ideas for mom blogs specifically designed for you!

Holiday posts are unique in that they can bring readers to your blog who wouldn’t normally venture out of their reading comfort zones, giving you the opportunity to convert them into life-long fans.

Let’s go!

8 Easter Blog Post Ideas for Mom Blogs

#1: Easter Survival Guide

We love the holidays with our children.

Seeing their faces light up when they open their Easter baskets …

Reveling in how our extended family adores our little ones so much …

That eerie calm right before the sugar rush meltdown …

But, holidays can also be a stressful time when moms are responsible for: making sure everyone has enough snacks/change of clothes/diapers/naps/coats.

Oh and … do all the children have something to wear? Has their hair been brushed? Do we collectively look at least semi-presentable for the outside world?!?!!!

Yes, holidays can be exasperating for parents.

Why not take the opportunity to add value to your reader’s lives by crafting an Easter survival guide?

You could include a diaper bag checklist, a list of ready-made products to make the day easy-peasy, and even some self-care suggestions for frazzled parents!

#2: Your Easter Traditions

In order to truly connect with your readers, you need to be getting intimate with them.

Ew, not like that.

Let your audience in on your life so they can relate to you on a more personal level by sharing your Easter traditions with them. Even if your Easter tradition is to watch Hallmark movies in your PJs with the kids!

Whatever your go-to Easter jam is, your readers will love you for it!

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#3: Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

This Easter blog post idea is perfect because crafts the whole family can do are always a big hit! They keep the kids entertained without a screen and provide the chance for moms to bond with their kiddos!

Here are some of my favorites:

Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

Okay so technically not a craft but you can eat it later, it’s crazy super easy, and kids LOVE playing with dirt!

easter blog post ideas for mom bloggers craft
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Easter DIY Gnome Making Kit

I’m totally ordering these! How cute are they?! You can choose from 7 different colors. Sidebar: this Easter craft requires a hot glue gun so it’s not one the kiddos can do without supervision.

easter blog post ideas for mom bloggers craft
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Paint Your Own Easter Eggs Kit

This is one that the little ones can do all by themselves (maybe after laying down a generous layer of newspaper). It comes with 3 plaster paintable eggs, paint, brush, glitter …

easter blog post ideas for mom bloggers craft
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and an adorable color mixing chart that is visual enough for young children who cannot read to understand:

easter blog post ideas for mom bloggers craft
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#4: Unique & Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

While there is nothing wrong with the good ole $2 Paas Easter egg dying kit, your readers may be looking for something a bit more unique to do with the little ones this Easter.

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There are loads of different ways to decorate Easter eggs. Since you know your audience like the back of your hand, you will have no problem custom tailoring a list of unique Easter egg decorating ideas that step outside the usual dip-n-dye.

#5: Easter Baking for the Whole Family

Kids love to bake, and moms love to eat the results! That’s why a list post of Easter recipes that the whole family can do is a win-win.

Make sure to keep your target audience in mind when you’re creating your list.

For example, if you know that most of your readers are single moms with young children, you would want to consider recipes that can be done quickly and simply.

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#6: Easter Egg Hunts Kids Will Love

Let’s be real, any Easter egg hunt is a good one through a kid’s eyes. Buuuuut that doesn’t mean your readers aren’t looking for an opportunity to switch things up!

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Create a list post of a few ways to put a spin on the classic Easter egg hunt like:

  • Nighttime Easter egg hunt with LED eggs!
  • Golden ticket Easter egg hunt wherein one egg has a Golden ticket in it (redeemable for something awesome, of course)
  • This “Fun Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt” from Eats Amazing so you can balance out the sugar rush with a little exercise

#7: Easter Ideas for Tweens & Teens

My daughter is 12 (going on 17 lol) and while she still loves Easter activities, her idea of a good time has shifted from even a couple of years ago. She has left the kiddish traditions in the dust and moved on to more, “sophisticated” endeavors.

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Too often, Easter festivities are only focused on young children, leaving the tween/teen family members to mindlessly scroll their Instagram feeds.

If you know your readers have older children, get the whole family involved by coming up with ideas that are specifically designed for 10-18 year olds, they will love you for it!

#8: Healthy Easter Snacks Kids Will Actually Eat

As a mother, you know that on any given holiday your child is going to be stuffed full of processed sugars in the shape of something cute.

Fun for the kid, not always so fun for mommy!

Balance out the high fructose corn syrup with a list of healthy, packable snacks that your readers can pack for their kids on Easter.

Bonus points if you can turn the recipes into something kids will actually eat! Think … ants on a log made with almond butter … fruit cut into fun shapes … carrots and their favorite dip (even if it’s BBQ sauce lol)!

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Now that you’re armed with these Easter blog post ideas for mom blogs, you can get in on the sweet bump in traffic that comes with a well written holiday post!

The most important thing here is that you get your holiday post up to add value to your reader’s lives and enjoy the sweet bump in traffic that comes along with it!

If you’re looking for non-stop blogging inspiration and support, I’d LOVE to have you join me in my free Facebook group, Badass Bloggers! I’ll see you there!

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