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x overcoming fear

5 Signs Fear is Killing Your Blog (+ How to Overcome It)

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Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by Kelly Thoreson

x overcoming fear
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I see you, blogger, and I know you’re scared.

You’re afraid that:

  • The internet won’t like you
  • Your ideas suck
  • You’ll never make it as a blogger

Fear is a normal part of every blogger’s journey, but it doesn’t have to be the end of it.

Below, we’ll look at 5 signs that fear is killing your blog and how to overcome it so you can become the blogging boss you are meant to be!

Using Affirmations to Conquer Fear

In general, I consider myself to be a brave person.

I hurdle myself full force into whatever task lays before me, regardless of my ability to actually execute it (lol).

Nonetheless, every morning when I sit down to write – there’s fear waiting for me.

Here’s what fear is saying to me:

  • What if they don’t like me?
  • What if what I have to say sucks?
  • What if I’m a terrible writer and I just don’t know it?

The fear can go on talking forever.

But there is blogging to be done!

As creators we don’t have the time or energy to listen to fear, to let it stop us from working toward our goals and dreams.

So what do I do to combat fear?

I employ positive affirmations to quash doubt and confidently move forward with my life.

If you’re unfamiliar with affirmations, they are supportive statements that you say aloud or in your mind to yourself and they are a powerful tool for overcoming fear.

Watch this quick video (3 minutes) on how to use affirmations:

Love this girl! If you want to read the book she mentions in the video you can pick it up on Amazon by clicking here.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with affirmations, let’s move onto 5 signs that fear is killing your blog and how to overcome it!

#1 You’re Not Being Yourself

Being yourself shouldn’t be scary. But too often, it is.

It’s easy to ridicule ourselves as we are writing our blog posts. We censor our true voices, fearing that we are going to come off too strong or that our readers won’t get our sense of humor.

Stop that. Right now. Just stop.

Your audience comes to your blog for a healthy dose of YOU, not some cleaned up ho-hum corporate BS they can find on every other website on Google.

Here’s my thought on adding your flare to your writing: those who don’t like it will leave and that’s okay. Those who love it will adore you for your authenticity and become die-hard fans.

Never stifle your true voice.


My voice is unique and valuable.

The world needs to hear what I have to say.

I always give myself permission to be my authentic self.

I never second guess my intuition.

#2 You’re Not Taking Action

Fear held me back from taking action with my blog for a very long time.

Not so much the starting a blog part, but the blogging-support tasks like social media, networking, companion podcasts/YouTube channels, putting my face on camera. You know … all the super scary things that we do as bloggers!

I waited way too long to create Blogfiti’s YouTube channel because I wanted to lose some weight first, and the crazy thing is … I was doing blogging tech tutorials at the time … I didn’t even need to be on camera!

Not only that but my audience has no idea that I’m sporting a mom-body. They didn’t see me before I gained weight and even if they had – no one cares what we look like as bloggers. They’re here to learn from us, not put a pin up of us on their wall.

Once I realized that nobody gave a crap about my appearance except for me, it became WAY easier to put myself on camera.

When you start to pull apart the bullshit fear-based reasoning you expose how little sense it makes to go on believing it. And then you get to take that power right back.

Many times, we do not act because we feel like we are not fully prepared to do the job (whatever the job is). Do it anyway.

It probably won’t be perfect, and that’s okay.

Think of whatever you’re putting off like parenting: you can read all the books, watch all the YouTube videos, take all the classes and you will never, like EVER, be 100% ready to be a parent. You just have to dive in and figure it out.

What have you not been doing because you’re afraid to start? What is your intuition saying your next step is? Do me (and yourself) a major solid and start TODAY. You can do it!


Taking action always takes me where I need to go.

Trying new things is easy for me.

I love trying new things.

I can do hard things.

#3 You’re Not Networking

Networking used to scare the hell out of me. It is also invaluable in blogging.

I am an outgoing, social person with loads of self-confidence. Still, the thought of up-selling myself to someone, especially someone I look up to, makes me cringe.

To be honest, I’m still getting comfortable with it.

How am I working on it? You guessed it, by doing it even though I’m squirming with discomfort the whole time.

I know I’m not alone in this boat.

As women, we receive a collective cultural message that to self-promote is gloating, and that to ask for what you want is being greedy. NO. Annnnd NO again.

There are two books that have helped me considerably in this area, Women Don’t Ask and its companion book, Ask for It by authors Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever.

While these books actually focus on negotiation, the principals are 100% applicable to self-promotion and networking. If you struggle with asking for what you need – these books will change your life, sister. They’ve been out for quite some time so they’re readily available at most public libraries, add them to your must-read list this year!

It is okay to self-promote, and it is okay to ask for what you want in life.

The worst that can happen is that they say no. And trust me, with each no you hear, hearing it gets easier.

The best that can happen is that they share your content and you get a crap-ton of traffic for 5 minutes of your time.

When you think of it that way, it’s a no-brainer. Start networking today!


I am worth knowing.

I have value to offer to the world.

What I have to say matters.

I am proud of myself and my work.

#4 You’re Not Getting in Front of the Camera

Oh, the dreaded selfie. Or worse – VIDEO! Almost every new blogger loathes this part.

Here’s what my inner dialogue about photos and video went like: I’m not a selfie person. I’m not a go-live on Facebook person. I’m not I’m not I’m not. There’s fear talking again.

Successful bloggers will tell you that the more you get in front of the camera, in front of your audience, the more success you will see. Your audience wants to know you and that includes your smiling face.

Brooke Riley of Re-Fabbed, a super successful home decorating blog, credits going live on Facebook on a regular basis as the one pivotal action that propelled her blogging empire to a nearly 7-figure business. 7 figures … whoa mamma! I’d say that’s worth a try.

Related reading: 21 Like-Worthy Social Media Content Ideas for When You Have No Clue What to Post

If you despise selfies, make a pact with yourself that you’re just going to smile, snap the pic, and publish.

No second guessing.

No tearing yourself apart.

No editing that zit off your chin.

You do not look as bad as you think you do. Your audience has no idea what you looked like 10 years ago and really, they don’t care. They want and need you to deliver your message to them.

Get in front of that camera and say what you need to say!


I love photos and videos of myself.

I am 100% comfortable in my own skin.

Getting in front of the camera is easy for me.

#5 You Don’t Believe That You Will Succeed

Are you still telling yourself that you’re just going to try this blogging thing and see what happens? That’s fear talking, not your badass self.

That’s the little jerk inside your head telling you not to sound too cocky. Asking who are you to expect to make money blogging? Telling you not to jinx it. It’s high time you tell that little jerk to shove it.

Give yourself permission to have radical, unreasonable and unwavering faith in your inevitable success.

When it comes to self-talk, you cannot be too cocky.

Expect to make all the money. Expect to change all the lives. Know that your audience is lucky to have you helping them.

Instead of worrying about jinxing it, know that every time you declare your belief in yourself you are beckoning success into your life.

Send out those good vibes, baby.

I keep success affirmations all over my office. This is what I see when I sit down at my desk:

how to overcome fear affirmations
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These notes do help because you know what? Blogging is tough. Little reminders that I am moving toward my inevitable success keep my going when I’m feeling discouraged.

Know that you are destined for great feats and proceed as such!


My success is inevitable.

My pivotal success moment is just around the corner.

I am a wildly successful person.

Every step I take leads me to success.

Conclusion & One Final Affirmation

Now that you are free from the fear that was holding your blog back, you can go out and CRUSH it + build your blogging empire!

If you use no other affirmation in this post, I want you to use this one:

I am brave.

I am a brave person.

Fear does not control me.

Are you struggling with your blog? Come join my free Facebook group and enjoy a super supportive BADASS community of bloggers!

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