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How to Turn Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts (+ Reach More People!)

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Last Updated on May 9, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Want to offer your audience a way to consume your content without actually READING it?

No sweat!

Turning your blog posts into audio files is a great way to reach more people and easily repurpose your existing content.

Let’s take a look at how to do exactly that below!

How to Turn Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts (Video)

Audio-Recording Resources

My Microphone:

Microphone: USB Podcast Condenser Microphone Kit

I get asked about my microphone ALL. THE. TIME.

Because it’s awesome!

The audio quality is great (which is why people ask me where I got it), and it clamps onto my desk so I can easily move it up and out of the way when not in use.

It’s also super affordable!

Check it out on Amazon:

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Options for Creating Podcasts + Audio-Versions of Your Blog Posts

Let’s take a look at your options for creating audio-versions of your blog posts:

  • Create a podcast
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Upload your audio to a host + embed it in your blog post
  • Use a text-to-speech WordPress plugin (easiest option)

Keep reading to explore each option!

Create a Podcast

If you’ve already have or are willing to put in the work of recording yourself narrating your blog posts, the best bang-for-your-buck would be to create a podcast or YouTube channel!

After your podcast or channel is created (see instructions below), then you would:

  • Upload your audio file
  • Embed the podcast episode or YouTube video in your blog post

How to embed a podcast and/or video into your blog post:

  1. Insert an HTML block into your blog post
  2. Copy the embed code from your podcast/video host
  3. Paste the embed code into said HTML block
How to Embed Video Code Into a Blog Post GIF
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How to Start a Podcast

If you are already doing the work of recording yourself reading your blog post, you might as well repurpose that content and reach a whole new swath of people!

Start a YouTube Channel

Another easy way to offer an audio-version of your blog post is to host the recording on YouTube.

You don’t even have to show your face! Many podcasts, like My Brother, My Brother, and Me, upload their episodes to YouTube and simply display their podcast art as the video while the audio plays over it.


Of course, if you use this method you gain the added benefit of reaching the YouTube audience as well!

Learn how to set up a YouTube channel below 👇.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Audio Hosting Websites

If you want to record yourself reading your blog posts aloud, but the thought of starting a podcast makes you curl up in a ball and cry, there is another option.

There are audio hosting websites that allow you to upload your file and embed it anywhere you’d like.

No channel creation required!

Popular audio hosts include Anchor and Soundcloud.

After you’ve uploaded your audio file, simply embed the code in your blog post using the instructions above.

Text-to-Speech WordPress Plugins

By far the easiest option is to use a text-to-speech WordPress plugin.

This method allows you to offer your blog post as audio in just a matter of minutes!

Text-to-speech plugins embed an audio player into your post and create a robot-read version for your audience’s listening pleasure.

While not as polished as human-narration, we’ve all become familiar with listening to Siri-esque robot voices and I doubt your readers will think twice about it.

Text-to-Speech Plugins:

Text-to-Speech for Blog Posts Video Transcript

Hello friends!

How is everybody this morning?

Hi bloggers, happy Tuesday.


So today we’re going to talk about how to add an audio version onto your blog post.

So kind of like turning your blog post into a podcast!

Click for Rest of Transcript

There you are.


Hi, we have Sue here.

We have Lydia.

We have Heather.


So our question actually came from Heather.

Thank you, Heather, for the question she said, I want to give readers the option to listen.

Instead of read all the posts have been recorded already.

Just not sure what to use to upload them to the post.

That’s awesome.

So Heather, did you record your own voice? Speaking your blog posts.

That’s so cool.

And I love that you’re thinking about giving readers a different option.

A lot of us like to consume content when we’re on the go, I know I’m a big podcast fan.

Like I’m always listening to a podcast when I’m driving or whatever.

So it’s a really good idea to be offering your users a different way to consume your content.

And I have a few different options for you since you have already recorded all of the content.


You said yes.

So you recorded your own voice, reading your blog posts since you’ve already recorded all the content.

I mean, it’s kind of a ready-made podcast.

I’m just going to throw that out there.

Your podcast doesn’t have to look like everybody else’s podcast.

So it could just be you reading your blog posts.

 There’s nothing wrong with that.


 And then you would embed your podcast code into your posts after you uploaded them to whatever podcast hosts you’re using.

 There’s an option to embed, right? There’s some embed code.

 So you would just create some HTML, like an HTML block in your blog post, and then embed your podcast.

 If you don’t want to do that, if you don’t want to start a whole podcast, I understand.

 But girl, you already put in all the work.

I feel like, I feel like that would be a really, really great way to reach people.

 Sorry, I’m cleaning up the T I just spilled everywhere.

 Oh, Thorson.

 So hi, Amanda is here.

 Paulette’s here.


 How’s everyone this morning.

 Happy Tuesday.


 So if you don’t want to do that, but you’re open to the idea of maybe starting another channel to get more views on your content or listens to your content.

 Then you could also create a YouTube channel with the voiceovers.


 And so, you know, we’ve all listened to like music on YouTube that just has the album cover or whatever.

 So you could just have your featured image or whatever, right.

 Could be like a cover.

 So maybe it’s I know you’ve written about like how to amend garden soil.


 I feel like that was you.

 So maybe you could just have the cover say amend garden soil, right.

And then the whole time it’s just playing you speaking your post.

 So you’re getting in front of more people via YouTube, but then you can also, again, embed that YouTube code in your blog post.


 So those are, those are two options that I think since you’re already putting in all that work, reading the blog posts allowed into a microphone and like editing and all of that.

 I think that that would probably give you the most bang for your buck.

 Right? Cause you are essentially repurposing that blog post then to multiple channels.

 Right? You could repurpose it to YouTube and or a podcast, but if you don’t want to do that, we have other options.

 So let’s take a look at some of them.

 I put the links to the things I’m about to show you guys in the video description here.

 Let me share my screen.

So in stream, break the internet.


 So the first option would it be, would be to use an audio hosting site like SoundCloud or anchor.

 And then once you have all of your, once you have all your content uploaded here, then let’s just click on one.

 Then you would go share and embed, right.

 Same thing.

 So you would create an HTML block in WordPress and then just plop this embed code in there.

 And then this player would populate, Oh, this is, this is a different blog, niche, something new I’m working on, which does make it open to repurposing for sure.


 Yes, that’s great.


 I think that if you’re doing it anyway, I think the podcasts and or YouTube would get you like the most bang for your buck.


 But if you don’t like, if, if the thought of all that, you know what I mean?

Like, Oh, I need, I need podcast art and YouTube are, and I need to create a channel.

 And all of that is going to stop.

 You like dead in your tracks that I would just go with something like this.

 Right? Short, sweet and simple.

 So again, in Heather’s case, she has already recorded herself, talking to the microphone, narrating her blog posts.

 If you guys would like to turn your blog posts into audio, without doing all of that, there are tons of text to speech options where you can embed like a player in your blog posts.

 And the player will read in a robotic voice, your blog posts aloud to the reader.

 So this is one of them.

 This one’s called say it.

 I think I included, yes.

 I included 10 different text to speech options for you guys.

 These are all WordPress plugins.

 So they not, all of them work exactly the same way.

I looked into this one, say it, you install the plugin.

 And then you use short code to tell the plugin, which areas of your blog post you want to, you want people to be able to play as far as text to speech.

 And then, you know, our wonderful robotic like Siri S voices will come on and they will read your blog post to your audience.

 So that is another quick way to offer your content in a different form to your audience.

 So they can consume your content more easily or in a more variety of fashion that might suit their lifestyle, you know, whatever it is.

 But again, if you’re already doing all the work of, if you are already doing all the work of narrating your blog, posts into a microphone and editing and all of that, I mean, I would just go with a podcast.

Why not? I find a lot of people I follow through podcasts.

 Do you guys do that? That’s how I found faith.

 Mariah was through her podcast.

 I was searching for blogging podcasts.

 And that’s how I found her.

 I find a lot of people that I like pay attention to and have like sucked me into their gravitational pole.

 I find a lot of them through podcasts or through YouTube.

 I found Neil Patel through YouTube.

 I mean, not that he’s hard to find, but I do think it’s another great way to get in front of your people.

 The more ways you can offer your content, obviously the more people you’re going to appeal to.

 Right? The problem with that arises when you are trying to do too much all at once.

 Right? So if you’re trying to be everywhere all at once that won’t work, but that’s not what’s going on here.

You’re laser focusing on another Avenue, right? It’s not like you’re, you’re saying, Oh, I want to be, I want to be on all the platforms all at once.

 And I want to do it now.

 Right? No, you’re super focused.

 You just want to offer an audio version of your blog posts.

 And I think that’s a really, really great idea.

 Amy says, yes I do too.

 Or through interviews on podcasts I already listed.


 I have found a lot of people that I’ve like bought their products or started following yes.

 When they were interviewed on podcasts.

 So yeah, I think that’s great.

 And Heather, since you’re exploring this talking Avenue, you might want to, again, I’m not advocating, trying to be everywhere all at once, but maybe you might want to look into clubhouse, right? If, if you’re into the, the speech portion of it versus, you know, maybe getting on, on camera with your face and all that.

 All right.

 Friends, that was a short and sweet one.

 Thanks for being here.

 And I’ll see you soon.

 Have a great Tuesday.

 If you need anything at all, reach out to me in the group, you all know how to find me, tag me in a post.

 Whatever’s clever.

 If you need help, I’m here for you.

 See you soon!



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