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Blog Images: 15+ Uncommon Sites to Get Free & Unique Pictures

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Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kelly Thoreson

Ever see the same blog images you used in a post on someone else’s site? This happens sometimes when using free stock photos, but it doesn’t have to!

With the 15+ sites for free photos to use on your blog below, all of which are little-known and unique, you can enjoy free stock photos that don’t look like free stock photos.


#1 Barn Images

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Image from BarnImages.com

The creators of Barn Images call their collection of photos, “non-stock” because they pride themselves on offering free photos to use that are fresh and do not have that classic, “stock look”.

Barn Images is a wonderful resource for landscapes, cityscapes, and statues (mostly European).

#2 CreateHER Stock

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Image from CreateHerStock.com

CreateHER Stock specializes in, “images featuring melanated women”.

This is a go-to for finding images of women of color that are unique and high quality.

While this is actually a paid site, they have a, “freebie” section that gives you access to almost 200 royalty-free images. Additionally, if you sign up for their newsletter you will be emailed free images monthly.

#3 Dreamstime

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Image from Dreamstime.com

Dreamstime is a paid stock photo site, but they also offer a library of free, searchable blog images and illustrations.

Because Dreamstime has such a large library, you can find images that have not been frequently used by other bloggers.

#4 Foca

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Image from Foca.com

Foca doesn’t just have free photos to use on your blog, it also has free social media graphic templates!

You can nab no cost templates for your Instagram story, photo posts, Facebook cover photos, and Facebook photo posts.

#5 FoodiesFeed

foodiesfeed.com homemade basil pesto
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Image from FoodiesFeed.com

A food blogger’s dream! FoodiesFeed has a library of over 1,500 free photos to use that are all food (looking at their site makes me hungry). Yum!

#6 Free Images

wool on the chiang mai night b x
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Image from FreeImages.com

In order to use the images found on Free Images, you have to sign up (for free).

Their library is larger than many other royalty free photo sites (about 380k available as of January 2020) and I love how many brightly colored photos are offered!

This site also has illustrations available for download.

#7 Gratisography

curved brick building x
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Image from Gratisography.com

This library of free photos is small but mighty, offering high resolution images that are more unique than others.

If you’re looking for a photo with unique flair, I would check out Gratisography.

#8 ISO Republic

iso republic water droplets on outdoor fabric
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Image from ISOrepublic.com

Enjoy over 6,000 royalty-free photos and videos on ISO Republic.

I especially love their collection of, “textures” that offers visually stunning patterns and textures in both photo and illustration form.

#9 Jay Mantri

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Image from JayMantri.com

Jay Mantri presents a small collection of beautiful cityscapes, landscapes, nature, and interesting patterns.

You won’t see these beauties on every other blog!

#10 Jopwell Collection

free photos to use JopwellCollection image
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Photo from Jopwell.com

Any photo from the Jopwell Collection must be used with, “a visible attribute to Jopwell.com or Jopwell”.

Jopwell is an organization that, “helps African American, Latinx, & Native American candidates find great jobs” and their library of free photos to use reflects that mission as it features people of color in professional settings.

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#11 Kaboom Pics

kaboompics Morning frost on plants
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Image from KaboomPics.com

All the wonderful textures of the world can be found on Kaboom Pics. If you are a craft blogger or food blogger, or are just a sucker for a well-photographed textile like I am, you will love KaboomPics.

One awesome feature that Kaboom Pics offers is the ability to search for photos by color palette!

#12 ManyPixels

Pear Monochromatic
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Image from ManyPixels.com

ManyPixels is a resource for illustrations only and is a valuable resource since it can be difficult to find illustrations that aren’t frequently used by every other blogger out there.

There is a paid version but the link above will take you to the free resources offered by ManyPixels.

#13 Picspree

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Image from Picspree.com

On Picspree, you will find a plethora of free photos to use on your blog.

Picspree has curated a collection of brightly colored food photos and dramatic landscapes which is particularly useful when you are trying to get readers to stop scrolling.

#14 Reshot

fd ad e aed bababedb
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Image from Reshot.com

At Reshot you will find a large selection of unique free blog images to use in a wide variety of categories which makes it perfect for a blog in any niche.

#15 SkitterPhoto

lp plants
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Image from SkitterPhoto.com

All the SkitterPhoto images are public domain, free to be edited and can be used commercially.

You can search SkitterPhoto by keyword, browse by category or view admin picks.

The downside? Lots of ads. The upside? Lots of stunning photos that aren’t already on every blog out there.

#16 Little Visuals

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Image from LittleVisuals.com

Little Visuals is a site for free photos to use that offers a wide array of categories with what I would call a more masculine look.

Even if your blog does not have a masculine theme per-say, you can still find endless photos that can be used across any theme/niche at Little Visuals.


Just because you’re not paying for stock photos doesn’t mean they have to look like every other free image on the market.

With these uncommon sites for free photos, you can have images that are as unique as you are, all for free!

Want more tips that will help you stand out from the online crowd? Join me over at my Facebook group, Badass Bloggers where you’ll enjoy free trainings, live Q+A’s and so much more. See you there!

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