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3 Easy Steps to a Badass Blog Color Scheme

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Color is extremely important for the success of your blog.

Your color scheme will make your brand consistent, recognizable, and professional without costing you a dime.

Below we will look at the easiest FREE ways to pick a badass blog color scheme!

How to Find a Badass Color Scheme for Your Blog

1. Identify Popular Colors in Your Niche

After you’ve identified which social media platform is right for your niche use that platform identifies which color schemes are popular with your audience.

If you’re unsure of which social media platform your peeps hang out on, I would default to Pinterest. It’s pretty much a free traffic machine for bloggers.

I have taken 4 of the most popular, “Pinterest for Bloggers” courses on the web, ranging in price from $30 – $200 and the only one that worked for me was Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies. And at about $50, it’s a freaking steal.

Using social media to find popular colors in your niche is super simple, even for newbies.

Just go to the platform and search for keywords you’re going to be targeting with your content.

For example, to identify popular color schemes in my niche (blogging) I went to my preferred social media platform, Pinterest, and typed in a keyword that was going to resonate with my audience. Observe:

blog color scheme
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You can find popular colors in your niche by putting one of your targeted keywords into a social media platform (I use Pinterest)!

Wow! So much pink! Obviously, pink/pastels are super strong in my niche.

But I’m not looking to do what everyone else is doing, I’m looking to stand out from the crowd, and so are you!

We’re looking for BADASS color schemes, remember? Not kinda okay color schemes.

However, I still wanted my audience to be attracted to my color scheme, so I decided to go with a bold pink focus color with a neon twist. Find a color that is popular in your niche and put your personal touch on it!

Next, I needed help making my color scheme a reality.

I had identified what main color I was looking for, I just needed a little professional (free) help to make it happen and look fabulous.

That’s where step #2 comes in!

2a. How to Find FREE Blog Color Schemes

I stumbled upon free color scheme generators way later than I wish I had in my blogging career. They’ve proven to be an invaluable tool, allowing me to make my brand’s signature look a reality at no cost.

I love love love color scheme generators because they pair complementary colors AND provide you with the hex color codes so you can be super consistent with your scheme. I’ll say it again: LOVE.

What’s a hex color code? It’s a super special amazing code you type in to make sure you get the EXACT shade you want every. Single. Time. The actual code looks something like this: #E96638.

blog color scheme
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Screenshot of a hex color code from www.ColorBook.oi

2b. Pick a FREE Color Scheme Generator (List of Options)

Here’s a list of FREE color scheme generators:

This is the generator I used to find the Blogfiti color scheme!


ColorMind is also a good one!


Last but not least is ColorHunt!


2c. How to Find Your Blog Color Scheme with a Generator

You can use the generator’s search bar to specify your main color (in my case, pink) and it will show you all the relevant schemes.

Since I was using Coolors, I first clicked on Explore, then I was able to search for, “pink”.

As you see below, it pulled up all the schemes with pink in them. The screenshot below is just the top of the TONS of search results. Talk about options, baby!

blog color scheme
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Color scheme generators have a search function that allows you to specify a color you want to include in your theme. Pictured here is Coolors.

Using this method, you can search for the color that resonates with your audience but also pick out a scheme that you like.

It is important that you like your colors since you’re going to be staring at them all day every day for years to come!

3a. Splash Your Blog Color Scheme EVERYWHERE!

Now that you’ve picked a scheme, you’re going to want to put that stuff everywhere:

  • Instagram posts
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Facebook covers
  • Emails
  • YouTube videos
  • Most importantly: your blog

Keeping a consistent color scheme throughout your website and social media will give you instant professional blogger street cred.

3b. How to Get Your Color Codes

Your color codes are readily available on the generator. Again, we’re looking for the HEX color code which is a hashtag followed by 6 letters/numbers.

blog color scheme
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Save your colors: open up a new word processor document and copy and paste each color code into there along with a screenshot of the palette (this will help you identify which code goes with which shade).

Why do you need to copy and paste the codes in addition to the screenshot? Because you’ll copy and paste these codes again later (over and over) in order to brand your blog.


Identifying popular colors in your niche using social media platforms will give you a starting point. From there, you can put your personal spin on your brand’s badass color schemes!

There are LOADS of free resources for color palette generation, I have featured just three of them here but if you do a quick Google search, you’ll see there’s a whole world of color out there!

Consistency with color is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to look like a professional blogger. Now that you have your color scheme you can go about conquering the blogging world!

What methods do you use for branding with color? Leave your reply in the comments below!

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