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Hi, friends! My name is Kelly Thoreson, the Killer Content Queen!

I am the creator of Blogfiti! I’m comin’ at ya from beautiful Portland, Oregon where I live with my even more beautiful family!

Hi Im Kelly

Blogfiti is a place for bloggers to learn to write unicorn content that ranks on Google and makes them money.

I became interested in the, “how” behind blogging when I started my first blog and found out that blogging is hard!

Okay, so maybe hard isn’t the right word …



On top of the challenge of creating content and marketing, I had a HUGE learning curve to overcome with the website-creation component!

Nevertheless, I was determined to learn the blog-game, inside and out.

I fell in love with blogging because it allows me to create every day, determine my own schedule, and truly own my success in life.

No more hoping I get that promotion at some stuffy office job, missing my kiddo’s field trips cause of the ole 9 to 5, or stifling my creative energy cause there’s no more time left in the day!

With blogging, you create your own future.

I’m not sayin’ it’s easy! On the contrary, I hustle now more than I have ever hustled in my life.

Yes, blogging is not what I thought it was when I started and sometimes, it’s hard! 

The difference is: it’s my choice. It’s the hard that I choose. What could be more empowering?

Today, I enjoy waking up in the wee hours of the morning (I’m a morning person so that’s a good thing), making a cup of tea and blogging my heart out.

Then I grab breakfast with my badass daughter, Charlotte, before sending her off to school! What a novel idea!

Before blogging, Charlotte and I used to rush through our hectic morning in order to drop her off at early care before school so I could make it to my 9-hour workday as a purchaser on time.

Those days of hurrying through the good times are gone!


Also: more time with the fur-babies. Life. Is. Good.


My cats using their Jedi mind powers to get me to stop blogging and pet them!

I LOVE BLOGGING. It is my passion, and I am grateful every day that I get to call it my profession! 

Do you want to start a blog?

Do you want to get off the hamster wheel?

How about writing blog posts that actually move you toward your business goals?


You’re the reason I created Blogfiti, I know you can do this – let me help you!

Thank you for being here with me at Blogfiti and taking me with you on the first steps toward owning your success, being fulfilled creatively and living a life you LOVE!

Now – let’s DO THIS!

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