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Valentines Blog Post Ideas for Mom Bloggers

10 Valentine’s Day Post Ideas for Mom Bloggers

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Hey mom bloggers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am getting you ready with 10 Valentine’s Day blog post ideas just for you!

If you haven’t created a Valentine’s Day blog post yet, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Use these 10 Valentine’s Day post ideas tailored specifically to mom bloggers to get going.

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10 Valentine’s Day Post Ideas for Mom Bloggers

#1: Valentine’s Day Self-Care Gifts

This post has infinite marketing potential because it applies to literally everyone.

Think of all the variations! 15 Valentine’s Day Self-Care Gifts for … Your Husband; Your Wife; Your Best Friend; Your Kids; Yourself; Single Moms; Busy Moms – I could go on forever.

Use whichever version is most applicable to your mom blogging audience, everyone appreciates some self-care!

#2: Best Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

A craft is always a big hit because it gets the kiddos away from their screens for a bit! If you need some help coming up with ideas, check out Amazon’s Valentine’s crafts for kids selection – it’s giant!

#3: Top Valentine’s Gifts for Single Moms

Don’t forget about the single ladies out there! Since people statistically spend less on non-significant others for Valentine’s Day, crafting a list of more affordable but still heartfelt options is a great idea. Maybe something like, “20 Valentine’s Gifts for Single Moms That Cost $20 or Less”.

#4: Easy Valentine’s Recipes to Make with the Kids

Kids love to bake! It’s fun, messy, and you get to eat the results! Get in on the action by offering a list of Valentine’s themed recipes that parents can do with their kiddos that require a low skill level so they remain fun and low-stress.

#5: Date Night Ideas

As a parent, it’s not as easy as you’d think to come up with date night ideas, especially when you have a time restraint because the babysitter would like to go home at some point.

Take the work out of figuring out what to do on date night for your audience by coming up with a list of date night ideas for Valentine’s.

You could put a spin on it based on your audience.

For example, if you know that your audience are not just married mothers but married mothers who are on a limited budget, you could design a list of date night ideas that are under $50.

Or if your readership is mostly moms-to-be, curate a list of date night ideas for pregnant women. The possibilities are endless!

#6: Whole Family Valentine’s Ideas

Sometimes going out with just your significant other isn’t in the cards, that is the reality of being a parent!

This presents an opportunity for you to add value to your reader’s lives by coming up with Valentine’s Day ideas that are fun for the whole family.

#7: Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Kid’s School

If you’re a parent, you know that Valentine’s Day means your child is going to be eating A LOT of candy at school. It’s cute how they all make little cards for each other and pass out gifts, but that is a massive overdose of sugar. A list of healthy (but still delicious so kids will actually eat them) snacks to send with your child instead of the traditional candy will be a big hit!

#8: Your Own Favorites

There is not an audience out there that doesn’t love a good roundup post, especially when it is chalk-full of personal stories from their favorite blogger (you!).

Create a unique Valentine’s Day mom blog post by recounting how you have spent your V-days since becoming a mom.

Not only will you have a piece that sets you apart from the crowd, but you will be endearing your audience to you even more by sharing your memories.

#9: Movie Night Suggestions

Going out to the movies or even just renting one and building a blanket fort in the living room, is an awesome way to spend Valentine’s Day with the family. But … what to watch? For this Valentine’s Day mom blog post, put together a list of family-friendly movies about love!

#10: Valentine’s Day Ideas for New Parents

If you’re a brand new parent, what to do on Valentine’s day could easily be an afterthought. And when the thought does arise, the brain capacity you have left after sleepless nights, tender boobies, and wallowing in your bundle-of-joy’s spitup all day is limited at best.

That’s where you come in – mom blogger to the rescue! Lend those new parents a hand by offering Valentine’s Day ideas that a custom built for new parents.


Best practice for holiday posts is to get our ahead of the crowd and post at least 1-2 months early, depending on the holiday.

Valentine’s Day posts for mom bloggers can be a lot of fun and there are so many topics to write about!

Looking for more blog writing tips? Come join my free Facebook Group where I go live weekly to answer your specific questions and am constantly dropping free trainings! See you there!

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