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10 Fashion Blog Valentine’s Day Post Ideas

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kelly Thoreson

Hey fashionistas! Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and you need to get in on that blogging action.

Holiday posts can be a great way to drive seasonal traffic to your blog and gain life-long followers, but you need to post early to be most effective.

Get going today with my list of 10 Valentine’s Day blog post ideas specifically designed for fashion bloggers below!

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10 Fashion Blog Valentine’s Day Post Ideas

#1: Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfits that Will Make Him (or Her) Drool

Many women (myself included) are tired of picking out their day-to-day wardrobe. By the time we get to our closet for a night out – stick a fork in us – we’re done. Decision fatigue has set in and we’re wondering if it’s okay to wear jeggings to a nice restaurant.

Add value to your reader’s lives by taking the decision making out of it for us with a list post of sexy Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, save us from ourselves and our tendency to reach for the forgiving waistline of yoga pants.

#2: Comfortable Valentine’s Day Outfits That Still Look Amazing

I’m in my 30’s, I’ve got a tween daughter, career plus side-hustle, and last weekend I pulled a hamstring while dancing. Welcome to mom-dom. I’m not alone here!

There are millions of other moms just like me. When I go out, being comfortable is super important because, well, I’m over being uncomfortable for the sake of looks.

But that doesn’t mean I want to appear frumpy! That is where you and your innate fashion sense comes in. Put together a list of outfits that are super comfy and will make your audience look damn fine.

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#3: Self-Care Valentine’s Gifts

I love that we are in an age of celebrating and promoting self-care in a positive light!

Help your audience pamper themselves by offering ideas and products surrounding self-care on Valentine’s Day. There is literally no niche that this will not be a huge hit in!

#4: Looks for Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Speaking of a new age, you no longer need to have a sweetheart to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It is 100% acceptable to spend Valentine’s Day with your besties instead of a crush and that requires a special, “I want to look good for my girls” outfit.

Show up for your tribe and offer a list of outfits that are designed to empower them and make them feel confident.

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#5: Vavoom Valentine’s Day Heels

There’s something intoxicating about putting on a sexy pair of heels. They don’t just give us a boost in height, but in self-esteem and confidence.

Help your readership find the perfect heels to wear on Valentine’s Day with a carefully curated list of the best for each outfit type! They will love you forever for it.

#6: Little Black Dress List

Who doesn’t love a little black dress? It’s timeless, slimming, and goes with literally everything.

Because the little black dress is a go-to for so many women, a list post of the season’s hottest ones for Valentines Day will be a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

#7: Best Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Many women skip accessorizing because they don’t know where to start (I’m guilty of this!).

Aide them in their quest to look really-really ridiculously good looking this Valentine’s Day by suggesting accessories that are hot and anyone can pull off.

#8: Looks for HIM This Valentine’s Day

Despite grown-ass men being just that, many women still buy clothes for their significant others … I do! I hypothesize it has to do with our care-giving natures, but I digress.

The point is, there is a market to be tapped here. Increase your value-add by composing a badass list of men’s outfits for your reader’s to consider while they are shopping for their own!

#9: Non-Dress/Skirt Valentine’s Day Options

Do you know how to make a seriously sexy pants outfit? Thank god you do, cause most of us don’t.

Show us the way by putting together Valentine’s Day outfit options that aren’t skirts and dresses, your audience is going to love it!

#10: Crappy Weather Valentine’s Day Looks

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day here in the Pacific Northwest is either cold and rainy or cold, rainy and windy. Not exactly sexy bare-leg weather.

We still wanna look sexy though! Being that Valentine’s Day is in February when half the country is still buried in snow, a list of knock-out looks that are still warm and cozy will go a long way with your tribe.


It’s best to get your Valentine’s Day blog post up 2-4 weeks early, but late is better than never!

Now that you have the tools you need to craft a Valentine’s Day post that is going to add real value to your reader’s lives, get writing and reap the benefits of the timeless and beneficial holiday post.

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